Course 15: Giving Customers a CHOICE®
The “pushy” approach to selling is to try to manipulate the customer into saying yes to something they aren’t sure they want. None of us like this kind of selling and simply won’t do it. There is a better way! This Sales Byte™ will include the secret to a “soft” sales approach…actually giving the customer what they asked for. We’ll review how to create three appropriate choices for the customer to consider and how to comfortably and confidently ask for the order. And we’ll look at the typical objections that come up, and how to respond so that you can earn the sale. If making the sale isn’t the technician’s job, she or he can still set the stage for the salesperson to ensure their customer is getting what they want and need. This process is identical to how the technician can offer Maintenance Agreements and sell them on just about every service call. As a bonus, we’ll include How To Price at a Profit so the technician can understand why our products and services cost what they do.
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